Cuneifrom "Nail"

This is a cuneiform "nail" from circa 2100 BCE. These were used to dedicate buildings of the time, much like cornerstones were used early in the 20th century. It contains a royal inscription of the ruler Gudea of Lagash. According to the translator of this piece, "these clay nails were deposited in the temple building in hollows in the walls so that when repairs became necessary, the previous builder of the temple would become known and not forgotten."



For Ningirsu,

The mighty warrior of Enlil,

his lord Gudea,

Governor of Lagash,

The builder of the Eninnu (temple)

Of Ningirsu,

built for him (the temple) Epa,

the temple with seven zones.



Ningirsu was the chief god of the state of Lagash, and as such had several temples dedicated to him.


Cuneiform "Nail" circa 2100 BCE