Inscribed to Roger Zelazny

This collection is perhaps a bit unusual. Instead of showcasing books by a particular author (although I may eventually get round to displaying my meager Zelazny collection), or books about an author, these are all books inscribed to an author. Some of these are quite heartwarming, and illustrate the respect and love Roger Zelazny earned from younger authors. They come from his personal library, which was liquidated soon after his death.


In most cases I do not show the book covers, but rather concentrate on the inscriptions themselves. Only a few of these books are collectible by themselves, but to me the inscriptions are priceless.


To Reign In Hell
Steven Brust

Minneapolis, MI: 1984 Steeldragon Press


This is number 133 of 1000 numbered copies signed by the author, artist Kathy Marschall and Zelazny (who wrote the forward) on a special limitation page. An excellent book, and one that seems to go for a lot of money, despite so many having been published.


The holographic letter, written and signed by Brust, and additionally signed by publisher Will Shetterley ("Ditto") is laid in.



More to come ...


Updated 23 September 2000