Salome: My First Two Thousand Years of Love


This is one of the most interesting proofs I've ever seen. It is the first part of George S. Viereck's Salome: My First Two Thousand Years of Love, but with Moon Challenge instead of Salome (which, if you've read the book, is fascinating right there.) It is apparently a proof of the first edition, from Horace Liveright in 1930. It is an odd size, 7.5" wide and 7.75" tall, plain brown wraps, the pages are "quarter-bound" in linen with three huge staples. Pages are printed on one side only, are unnumbered, and the pages end about halfway into the book.

What's puzzling me are printed notations throughout the book, apparently every three pages at the top. A sample:

10-MOON-(7981)-10 1-20S7 22X11 May. 5 Fawcett

The first number increments sequentially (up to 60, so I guess there are 180 pages.) MOON must be the title. The following numbers and letters stay the same (although with difrerent spacing), but the date increments slowly up to May 7. The final word changes to "GRAFF" or "Silver" sometimes "SilVer") about every ten times. I wonder if they are printer's instructions, proofer's instructions, or something entirely different.


Salome Proof Front Cover.Salome Proof Binding


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