Robert J. Sawyer Uncorrected Proofs

Collecting Robert Sawyer is in some ways "too easy"; most of his first editions are mass-market paperback. I used to kid (or annoy) him on CompuServe about this, as I prefer to collect hardcovers (and with my eyesight these days, prefer to read as well.) The proofs of his early books, however, are not so easy to find. In fact, Mr. Sawyer knows of no proofs for his award-winning Terminal Experiment, although I did find an "advance reading copy" that was merely the mass-market paperback with a note from the publisher bound in.


His books are now being re-issued as signed-limited editions, which is very welcome indeed. In many cases the first hardcovers are book club editions.


Golden Fleece proofGolden Fleece proof

Golden Fleece
Published December 1990

Aurora Award winner.


I purchased and read this proof before the book was published. I thought it was excellent (and still do.) I had known of Mr. Sawyer from his posts on CompuServe, and he knew of my propensity for collecting signatures; in fact, he was kind enough to obtain several signatures for me at a convention in the Northeast of Canada in mid-1990. He was gracious enough to agree to inscribe and date this proof by mail, especially when I told him I knew he would become a Famous Award-Winning Author (which, of course, he has.)

Far-Seer proof

Published June 1992

Homer Award winner.

Fossil Hunter proof

Fossil Hunter
Published May 1993


End of an Era

End of an Era
Published November 1994

Seiun Award winner.

Frameshift - front coverFrameshift - back cover

Published May 1997

Hugo Award finalist.

Illegal Alien

Illegal Alien
Published December 1997

Aurora Award nominee.

Factoring Humanity

Factoring Humanity
Published July 1998

Hugo Award finalist.


Published June 1999

Publisher's Weekly starred review.

Calculating GodCalculating God

Calculating God
Published June 2000




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Updated 08 October 2000