The Telephones


The Telephones

The manuscript

by Ramsey Campbell


Two manuscripts; each is signed, dated "2 November 1975" with the signing location "Providence" in black ink. Signed at the World Fantasy convention. This story was published in Height of the Scream, Arkham House 1976. One manuscript is the carbon copy of the first draft, with numerous holographic corrections in blue ink. The other is a carbon copy of the final draft.

The Envelope

The Envelope


Apparently written prior to publication. I do not know what or who "From Beyond the Stars" refers to.


Page One

First Draft - Page One


Sheet size is 8.5" by 11", standard American size. It is very thin onion paper


Page TwoPage Two Back

First Draft - Page Two


The back of page two shows extensive holographic addition.


Page OnePage One Back

Final Draft - Page One


Sheet size is 100mm by 295mm, standard British size. The typing on the back may be the re-use of paper lying around.


Page Two

Final Draft - Page Two





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