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Here are a few choice items from my collection, in chronological order. I would appreciate any corrections and additional information about any of these books.

(This page is under construction; I have quite an extensive collection of his works, and there are so darn many different editions!)


The Skies DiscrownedThe Skies DiscrownedForsake The Sky

The Skies Discrowned
May 1976 Laser Books NY

March 1983 James Cahill Huntington Beach CA

Revised edition Forsake The Sky, April 1986 Tor Books NY.


First edition cover illustration by Kelly Freas.


First hardcover. One of 300 copies signed and numbered on the limitation page. This copy additionally signed on the title page, along with a drawing a swordfight between "Rovzer vs Costa".


Epitaph in RustEpitaph In Rust NESFA

Epitaph in Rust
1976 Laser Books NY

1989 NESFA Press Cambridge MA


First edition cover illustration by Kelly Freas.


The first hardcover edition is the NESFA Press book printed for the Boskone XXVI convention. This is number 140 of 225 copies signed on the front free endpaper and with slipcase. There were also 775 unnumbered copies. For some reason this NESFA publication is one of the most expensive, possibly because it was also signed by artist James Gurney.


The Drawing of the DarkDrawing of the Dark ProofThe Drawing of the Dark

The Drawing of the Dark
June 1979 Del Rey NY

1991 Hypatia Press Eugene OR


First edition cover illustration by Doug Beekman. Powers' "break-out" book. This particular copy is inscribed to my wife: "For Lisa! / Hoping you like / dark beer! - & / it's okay to read signed books! / Cheers / Tim Powers." Tim used to be a book collector, and knows about such things. The inscription is on the title page, upside down as usual, as he is a left-handed writer. Tim's signature is not rare, as he is always happy to sign books, often with a humorous bent. Uncorrected proofs of his early paperbacks are scarce.


The Hypatia Press is the first hardcover edition. There were four versions from Hypatia: Library, Trade, Leather and Deluxe. This is the deluxe; number 57 of 64 copies offered for sale, out of 70 printed.


The Anubis GatesThe Anubis Gates ProofThe Anubis Gates UKThe Anubis Gates UK ProofAnubis Gates

The Anubis Gates
December 1983 Ace Books NY

1985 Chatto & Windus London

1989 Ziesing Shingleton CA


Cover illustration by Don Brautigan.


The UK edition is the first hardcover edition, and rather expensive. Tim has inscribed the UK hardcover with a drawing, and "For Mike! - / This has one / more paragraph than / the American edition! / Cheers, / Tim Powers." The UK proof is quite rare, and one of the prizes of my collection. The Ziesing is the first American hardcover, and was issued as 500 signed and numbered copies in slipcase, and a trade hardcover edition.


Dinner at Deviant's PalaceDinner at Deviant's Palace Book ClubDinner at Deviant's Palace

Dinner at Deviant's Palace
1985 Ace Books NY

1986 Chatto & Windus London


The American book club edition is the first hardcover.


Tim has inscribed the US hardcover with "For Mike! - / This tour of / Southern California! / Non-fiction! / Cheers, / Tim Powers."


Tim has inscribed the UK hardcover with "For Mike! - / I Like the cover on / this edition! Note / the bitten fork! / Cheers, / Tim Powers."


Night Moves

Night Moves
1986 The Axolotl Press Seattle WA


This is the first publication of Axolotl Press. There were four states of this book, all of them signed on the limitation page by Powers and introducer James P. Blaylock. 300 copies of the trade edition were saddle-stapled chapbooks, 100 were blue cloth hardcovers with dust jacket, signed and numbered, and 28 copies bound in blue leather, of which 26 were for sale, and six copies bound for contributors in red leather (the infamous "red-leather presentation copies", typical of Axolotl, but not always stated on the limitation page.) Only the chapbook is shown; the other editions are quite scarce. This copy is additionally signed by both on the title page. I'm lucky enough to live near both of them, and try to attend all their book signings.


The Way Down the HillThe Way Down The Hill

The Way Down The Hill
1986 The Axolotl Press Seattle WA


Bound with The Pink of Fading Neon by James P. Blaylock. There were three states of this book, as with most Axolotl publications. 400 copies of the trade edition were unsigned saddle-stapled chapbooks, the 200 limited editions were cloth hardcovers with dust jacket, signed and numbered, and the 50 deluxe editions were bound in light grey leather with silver stamping. The first image is the trade edition, the second the deluxe. This copy is unnumbered, and was probably not for sale. I have a second copy that is numbered. The signed editions have the signatures of Powers, Blaylock, and introducers Charles De Lint and Edward Bryant.


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Last CallLast Call

Last Call
1992 Charnel House


This shows the lettered edition. Full Moroccan leather with a tarot card and two chips from the Flamingo Hilton embedded in the front cover. The end papers are made from uncut sheets of one dollar bills. The limitation page is of uncut two dollar bills, and there is a book mark of a trimmed two dollar bill.



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