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I especially enjoy science fiction and fantasy, so the bulk of my display will be in these genres. However, I also enjoy mystery, Chinese history and antiquarian literature. I also have ephemera related to books (periphemera™), as well as original book art.


The main pages consist of thumbnail images with descriptions. This allows these pages to load fairly quickly. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image; these may take some time to load into your browser. The index and search functions also take a while to load.


Bibliographers and other researchers: I am more than happy to provide higher-resolution scans of anything in my collection. Please contact me for assistance.


I hope this experiment in virtual exhibitionism is enjoyable. If you have a virtual tour of your collection, please let me know and I'll add a link to it. A list of links to similar sites is available.


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Note: None of these books are for sale. However, I do occasionally sell books on Ebay.


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Recent Updates:

26-May-03 Added Dennis Wheatley and Christopher Golden manuscripts.

29-Dec-02 Added Chotchkies page.

04-Oct-02 Added Jill Bauman and Alicia Austin artwork.

08 Sep 02 Added Pathways of Desire manuscript.

26 May 02 Added Lin Carter and Edward Miller artwork, James Morrow manuscript.

4 May 02 Added Keeper of the House manuscript.

23 Feb 02 Added The Dreaming Earth and The Thinking Cap manuscripts.

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